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cool Social Security benefits tricks are going away

With the "Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015", signed by President Obama on November 2, two clever methods of maximizing Social Security benefits for married couples are going away.

What tax documents do I need to submit?

Clients are starting to submit their tax documents.  If you weren’t one of the early birds, you may have questions about exactly what you need to submit.  In order to streamline the process and minimize paper,  Moseley & Associates uses an online questionnaire and forms.  Your return will go smoother and you will help us hold down our fees if you can send in all of what we need and none of what we don’t.

Getting Married? Changing your name? Check out these IRS tax tips

The latest Tax Tip from the IRS has some nice reminders about what to do when you get married.  I especially like the reminders about changing your name with the Social Security Administration.  You want to make sure your name is up to date with every agency, but especially with Social Security -- if you want to get credit for all of the payroll taxes you pay into Social Security, your name will need to be up to date.