What tax documents do I need to submit?

Clients are starting to submit their tax documents.  If you weren’t one of the early birds, you may have questions about exactly what you need to submit.  In order to streamline the process and minimize paper,  Moseley & Associates uses an online questionnaire and forms.  Your return will go smoother and you will help us hold down our fees if you can send in all of what we need and none of what we don’t.

Assess your year-end tax situation: Could you owe more than you think?

Life changes might mean that you owe significantly more taxes (or if you’re lucky, possibly less) for 2013.  Have you recently married, divorced, changed jobs, bought or sold a home, or retired?  If so, you may want to consult with Moseley & Associates now to avoid any unpleasant surprises come April 15th.  (Click the title to read more!)

Hobby Loss - guest blog post with WLA

Washington Lawyers for the Arts asked us to write a blog post on Hobby Loss rules, particularly for artists.  But the cases apply to everybody and make for some interesting reading.  Check it out!

Audit Risk - What are your chances?

First of all, let us reassure you that if you are one of Moseley & Associates' clients, we take great pains to minimize your changes of being audited.  Our tax preparation process includes multiple levels of review to catch many common mistakes and omissions   Further, we work with you to make sure you understand your record-keeping requirements so that even if you are audited, you will come through with less stress and anxiety.

2012 Federal Rates & Limits

A couple of links to important numbers and facts to get you started for the year:
--  Journal of Accountancy article on the new tax legislation, known as the Taxpayer Relief Act, helping us avoid the "fiscal cliff". 
--  Updates of payroll / retirement rates and limits for 2013.

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Scammers at Work

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